Intro to Modular Synthesis

4 Week course starts October 25th 2022
7-9pm CET

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Lessons delivered by Adam Winchester
With roots in the Bristol dubstep scene as Wedge, and a long-standing partnership with Christopher Jarman in Dot Product, Adam has spent the past few years investigating alternative methods of sound generation that deal in hidden electromagnetic frequencies and spectral tones found lurking in circuitry. His recent solo releases on Osiris Music and A Quiet Riot Records combine sculptured tonality with steely rhythmic architecture and dubbed out melodic arrangements. He has over 12 years teaching experience, a Masters in Creative Sound and Media Technology, and almost 20 years in the Music Industry. 

Course Details
4 x 2hr long sessions on Tuesday evenings
October 25th
November 1st, 8th, 15th 2022
7pm - 9:00pm (CET)

Are you bored of using pre-set sounds, sample packs, and standard DAW instruments? Do you want to design your own sounds, create interesting sonic artefacts, get hands on, and increase the complexity of your sound pallet? Do you want to experiment, have fun, and take your production to the next level? If so then this is the course for you! 

You will build your own synth from scratch using the very powerful, free VCV rack modular simulator - getting to grips with signal flow, oscillators, gates, triggers, clock dividers, modulators, envelopes, VCA's, sequencers, and many other essential elements. Create undulating drones, poly rhythms, crazy sound fx, and complex drum patterns, as you uncover the rabbit hole of the modular world.

Week 1

Introduction to VCV Virtual Modular Simulator
Explore subtractive synthesis concepts with relation to modular; 
Experiment with key modules to build your own subtractive synth.
Utilise signal flow to create interesting musical modular patches. 

Week 2

Further develop patches in VCV Modular.
Explore FM possibilities to enhance sound. 
Explore important modules to expand the potential of your patch such as sequencers, modulations, and FX. 
Download exciting new modules and take your synth to new levels. 

Week 3 

All about drums - Working with sequencers, clocks, drum modules, dividers, multipliers, and random modules, to create off the wall beat patterns and grooves. 

Week 4 

Route your virtual modular patch into your DAW and apply resampling techniques to create interesting drones, textures. rhythms, and loops. 
Play back your patches and musical works to the class for feedback and development. 

8 hours of live coaching and teaching from Adam and his years of experience in music production and sound design.
Mentoring and feedback on your music & progress. 
Access to an online drive full of resources, reading material, sounds, and reference tracks. 
An interactive online classroom environment with other like minded students from all over the world.
Regular tasks and activities during class and for homework. 
Access to the Ramp Alumni group to stay connected and share ideas with classmates. 
*Classes are recorded and viewable online for the duration of the course. 

Your own laptop and headphones with any DAW installed. 
A decent internet connection in a quiet environment to learn. 
A free account with Zoom. 

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