10 Reasons to Learn with RAMP


Taught by Industry Professionals

All of our tutors are high ranking DJs, Producers, and performers actively working in industry at the top of their game. 


It's Accessible

Unlike Universities or College courses, you don't have to sign up for 3 years, and it won't cost you the earth. 


Highly Skilled Educators 

Our tutors have years of experience teaching at high level institutions and universities in Europe. Many of whom have teaching degrees, Masters, and Degree qualifications in Music related studies.  


It's Flexible

We have a range of courses at different times to suit you and your schedule. 


We Put Our Students First

We make sure the interests of our students are at the forefront of the teaching we deliver, and that student satisfaction is at the top of our agenda. 


We Are Always Improving

We are constantly responding to student feedback and keep a close eye on new technologies and developments in music production.


We Are Community Focussed

RAMP was set up in order to build a community of like minded individuals connected by a love of great music. Our courses and Masterclass events are a place to meet others and share ideas.  


Personal Mentoring

During the course you receive personal mentoring, feedback, and advise from our tutors to help develop your music and your development as an artist. 


Learn from anywhere in the world

RAMP has launched a selection of online courses, so now you can learn from the comfort of your own home or studio anywhere in the world. 



After you complete a course we will enter you onto our RAMP Alumni group where you can stay connected with the tutors and other students. You will also receive special offers and discounts on future courses. 

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We have courses in Mixing Audio, Ableton Live, Creative Sound Design, Techno Construction, Synthesis, Sampling, Live Performance, & more...  


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